Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Excuse my Dutch, Tobias gets incredibdle results in the Netherlands

I love getting emails like this. Tobias crushed the MySixPackLife program in Denmark and sent me this email.

Tobias not only looks better, he is better! He reduced is heart rate from an out shape, 78bpm to a fit and strong 49bpm in just 69 days with MySixPackLife
I finally finished my training. So here is my little "experience story". Don't look too critical on my English. Speaking English is a lot easier!
I'm 21 years old and was used to be fit. I played football (soccer) for the last 15 years. I always played in the best teams for my age, so I had to train 3 times a week and always played a match on Saturday. About a year ago I stopped, because there wasn't enough time for school, work, and competitive football. 
After I stopped football I started lifting weights. My friends and family noticed some results, but I wasn't satisfied. I simply put too much effort in it for too ittle progress. That was not the only thing, after a few months I started to feel tired and when I had to walk up the stairs I was exhausted. So I wanted to get in shape again, but I had no gameplan. After a while I saw your program on youtube. And decided to give it a shot. To be honest, I had my doubts before I started. So I made a gut decision and my feelings where right. I wasn't in shape anymore, I used to have a resting pulse of 46(in rest) when I was in shape and now it was 78. So I started my ten weeks...
I am finally finished with my ten weeks! First of all I feel much, much better! In the first 2 weeks the cardio part was the hard part for me. I was so frustrated to experience that I was out of shape. The first 2 weeks I couldn't control my breathing anymore after 5 minutes. After that it was going better and better. You are feeling yourself getting fitter and that really is a great feeling. After the ninth week week a friend of my wanted to run 10 miles in the dunes and on the beach. He was exhausted all day and in the ten minutes after he finished he couldn't control his breathing. I was recovered in a few minutes and wasn't tired at all!
I'm very happy with my results. I recommend this program to everyone. It's great to be in shape, because you not only look good. You also feel so much better. My confidence is growing each day! I also started to play football again, not on the level I used to but just a team of friends because I love it! My resting heart rate is now 49 in just 10 weeks! If you follow the program and push yourself to the limit you will get results. Good luck to you all! 
-Tobias W.

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