Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Man of Steel Superman Workout

Checkout  the New Man of Steel Superman Workout
Checkout the #ManofSteel workout if you wanna be faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, and able to leap tall building in a single bound. The workout:
Station 1: 30 Second Prone Hold/30 Second Superman
Station 2: 15 Second Power Line Wall Push/ 15 Second Power Line Pistons
Station 3: 3 x Box Jumps/3 x Depth Jumps
station 4: 3 x Clapping Pull-ups/3 x Clapping Push-ups (Press-ups)

I just saw the new Sueprman movie last light. I think Director Zach Snyder and writer/producer Christopher Nolan did a great job with the Superman reboot. Henry Cavill was a great choice to play Superman especially after starring as Theseus in immortals. The rest of the cast was great too, Amy Adams was super as Lois Lane, Michael Shannon from boardwalk empire was great as the super intense evil badguy from the planet Krypton, General Zod. Finally Russel Crowe was a great as Jor-El, Superman's real father. Previously this role was played by Marlon Brando in the Christopher Reeves era superman flicks. Finally Kevin Costner was great as Jonathan Kent.

IMDb says that, " Henry William Dalgliesh Cavill was born on the Bailiwick of Jersey, a British Crown Dependency in the Channel Islands, just off the coast of Normandy, France. He is the second youngest with four brothers. He was educated at St. Michael's Preparatory School in Saint Saviour, Jersey before attending Stowe School in Buckinghamshire, England

From Wiki, Wikipedia: "Henry William Dalgliesh Cavill (born 5 May 1983) is a British actor. He has appeared in the films The Count of Monte Cristo, Stardust and Immortals, and played the role of Charles Brandon, 1st Duke of Suffolk, on the Showtime series The Tudors, from 2007 until 2010. He plays the role of Superman/Clark Kent in the 2013 film Man of Steel.

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It's my six pack life and I want it to be your six pack life, so let's make it happen together.


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Monday, June 3, 2013

Intermittent Fasting: Results or Hype?

Lex used the My Six Pack Life Nutrition Program to achieve his goals.
 What is the right approach for you?
Intermittent fasting is a cleaver weight loss ideology that breaks your schedule into two windows, the fasting window and the feeding window. The idea is that even if you eat the same amount of calories, intermittent fasting can help you loose weight, just based on your feeding and fasting schedule.

Most intermittent fasts have one feeding window per day, although a more extreme fast may have a feeding window every other day.

Let's focus on intermittent fasts that have one feeding window per day, since this is the vast majority of people using and experimenting with this methodology.

Because we all have 24 hours in a day, the feeding window and the fasting window will add up to 24 hours.

Some examples:

A) 8/16, that is 8 hours of daily fasting and a 16 hour feeding window. This is technically intermittent fasting, however I do this every day and I wouldn't consider myself an intermittent faster. Each night I have a bed time snack, sleep for 7-8 hours and have breakfast (the name of the morning meal literally means to break your fast). I continue eating regular meals and snacks throughout the day and only fast while sleeping.

B) 12/12, This fast give you equal parts fasting and feeding. If you start your fast at 7pm, you cannot open your feeding window until 7am the following morning.  A lot of people try this fast without even knowing that they are performing an intermittent fast. They will pick a time in the evening and decide that they are not eating after that time, usually 6 or 7.

C) 19/5, this fast is 19 hours with a 5 hour feeding window. An example would be waking in the morning, completing a fasted workout and then begining your 5 hour feeding window with breakfast. Potentially a 19/5 day would look like this, wake up at 6 am, workout, shower and dress.  Have Breakfast at 8 am and consume all of your daily calories between 8 am and 1pm. This is real intermittent fasting and many intermittent fasters think that 19/5 is the sweet spot.

D) 23/1, This fast mean consuming all of your calories in 1 hour, usually after a morning workout.

Now let's review some of the example fasts. To control for calories, let's say that I'm on the My Six Pack Life Balance Nutrition Profile and I need 2400 calories per day to meet my macro nutrient goals.

 The 8/16 fast is just my regular pattern of feeding, I  choose to eat six meals that average 400 calories spaced evenly throughout my 16 hour feeding window to get my 2400 calories. For another fasting schedule to be worthwhile, I would need to prefer it to my current 8/16 pattern. The benefits of 8/16 are that I get frequent meals to fuel my activity, recovery, and muscle growth, and I never have to "go hungry." I already know the results, 8/16 is working, I'm shredded and I feel great. Why would I change it?

The 12/12 works, but not because of the ingenious pattern of feeding and fasting, but because people that want to lose weight actually end up eating few calories. If you start your fast in the early evening, it likely means that you are skipping late dinners, bed-time snacks and fourth meal T-Bell runs. Obviously, I could "lose weight" if I skipped my 400 calories bed time snack every night. But I like getting those calories in the evening to fuel my recovery over night. If I make sure to consume the same number of calories in the 12/12, I'm not sure that it offers any special benefits over the the 8/16. Which is better an 800 calorie dinner at 6pm and no more food until breakfast? Or, a 400 calorie dinner with a 400 calorie snack an hour before bedtime? They seem similar, but I think I would prefer to keep have a smaller dinner and keep my bedtime snack.

The 19/5 is tough, because you have to cram all 2400 calories into a 5 hour window. Typically you would have a big breakfast (1200 calories) at 8 am right after your morning workout and a big lunch (1200) calories right before your feeding window closes at 1pm. You could try to do three 800 calorie meals, but you probably aren't going to be hungry for lunch just 2 hours after an 800 calorie breakfast. Then after 1pm you are fasting the rest of the afternoon, into the evening and all through the night. When you wake the next day you train fasted, having not eaten since 1 pm the previous day, how do you think your energy is going to be? Then after your workout, it's time for breakfast, you just worked out and you haven't eaten since 1pm the day before, do you really think your body is going to want just 1200 calories, or do you think there is a chance you might crave more?

Finally, the 23/1, This is essentially one big meal per day.  I actually know a guy that does this, his name is Big Ray and he's a friend of the family. He wakes up every morning and goes to work driving a truck around town for 10 hours making deliveries. When he finally gets home he is starving, which leads him to binge on 2400+ calories.The he watches TV the rest of the night. He's about 400 pounds and he refuses to sit on plastic chairs at family BBQ's because he's afraid of the embarrassment that would be caused by crushing one of them.  I think Big Ray could really benefit from the 16/8, you think he might be better off if he ate breakfast and packed some healthy meals with him to eat in his truck between deliveries?

Now I do believe that 19/5 and 23/1 can work for people that are exceptionally dedicated and health conscious and committed to making their intermittent fast work for them. But shouldn't it be easier than that? Shouldn't you get to eat when you're awake? Do you think it's better for your body to be able to count on frequent nourishment instead of exteneded periods of fasting?

I don't want this video to discourage you from trying your own intermittent fast, but please take a few pieces of advice.

1. Don't start your fitness journey with intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting is something you should try after you have at least 3-6 months of real training and proper nutrition under your belt. Make it happen now with what we know works and then try intermittent fasting later to see if you prefer it to what got you incredible results in the first place. If you need somewhere to start your journey crush the My Six Pack Life 6-Day Quick Start Program. It's free when you subscribe to my YouTube channel (click here to subscribe and here to get the program) and you can get started immediatly.

2. If you deceide to try intermittent fasting after you have at least 3-6 months of real training and proper nutrition under your belt, then I want you to commitet to it for at least a full week. I don't want you to quit the first time you get hungry during your fasting window. Try it for 7 days and see if it's workable for you life and schedule. 

3. Before you start telling other people about your success with intermittent fasting or any other pattern of eating or diet plan, make sure that it is a sustainable part of your life. It's very common to try something new and have a modicum of success, like losing 5-10 pounds on the scale (usually it's mostly water weight) in the first week. This success motivates you to keep going, but many diets and patterns of eating are simply not sustainable with the lifestyle we want to lead. What if your intermittent fasting is going great for the first two weeks, but your friends invite you to dinner this Satuday night? Do you tell them you can't make it? Do you go to the restuaurant and just drink water and watch everybody eat? Do you break your fast? Or.... do you decide to switch to the My Six Pack Life nutrition program becasue it's more workable and sustainable
for your lifestyle?


Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Truth About Six Pack Shortcuts

Just got this Email from Liam H.
Hi Chris my name is Liam. I know you're probably very busy but I wanted to send an email to understand your program a little better. I'm not fat nor am I super ripped when I flex I can see the top half of my abs but not the lower. I spend hours on youtube sometimes just watching videos on health and fitness. To be honest your the only person or channel that actually gives you the truth. You tell it straight forward like it is and no messing around. Sixpack shortcuts I thought was good until I ran into one of your videos....
Liam, this put a smile on face. Thanks.

Monday, March 4, 2013

My Six Pack Life Body Transformation

Dear Chris,

Firstly, I apologize for my bad English. English was absolute not my best at high school.
So when i make mistakes in this email, you know why and i hope that you will understand what i mean.

With a good friend of my, we started begin October your program. He found you on the internet. He was fully enthusiastic about it and i was really skeptical about it. "Another fitness guru will promise me the abs, that I have always want to have." I do for a lot of years strength training, maybe ten tears, but never had any abs. I was bigger, that was nice, but a beautiful athletic body, no that happened only other people.

After four weeks my friend wasn't so enthusiastic any more. He skip more and more our gym appointments. On the other hand, I was each week more enthusiastic about it. I had the feeling that my body was change and the cardio was really killing me. I never did much cardio before. I was motivated by the 300 challenge, to have a higher score.

Chris your program is awesome! I did a lot of fitness schedules before. I had taken a lot of whey products and pre and post workout products. It was a waste of money and time. Nothing can compare with the MySixPackLife Program. Your program is so unique. I think that comes, because you have all the good aspects of finesse in 1 program. Food, exercises, cardio, bonus program etc. The facebook page gave me the feeling that i was a member of the MySixPackLife family.

But the best part is: I HAVE ABS, finally, i have ABS. After 10 weeks i have abs!!

My friend will start again in January, i hope that he will succeed now! It is an awesome feeling when you see abs in the mirror!

Chris, thanks, thanks and thanks again for your fantastic program. I am curious to the next step.

With best regards,

Gijs N.
From The Netherlands

Monday, February 11, 2013

My Six Pack Life: My Story by Chris Krueger

This is an email exchange I had with a guy named Michael, he's eager to start his own "Six Pack Life."  He left a comment on one of my youtube videos and wanted to know more about my 69 day transformation, so he sent me the following email:

While I understand you may be busy, I was wondering if you had any comments on the comment I posted about you gaining 20+% of body fat in your 11/09-02/10 transformation video. I understand being laid up in bed with an injury but that is a lot of weight to put on over a short period of time.
I'm excited to start your program next week! Well, after my 300 Challenge on Saturday. I've actually been using the Insanity program recently and while it may be great cardio, it's not an all purpose workout routine. Plus, while the P90X and Insanity nutrition books give decent guidelines, they're mainly recipes and promoting their "fitness shakes". It was good to see a no-BS type of nutrition guide that was very simple to follow. Thanks in advance! - Mike 
Then I quickly responded with the following email:

Michael, Here's what happened... I grew up a very skinny and weak kid despite playing sports and lifting weights. I was fed up with failure and buying into what the magazines and supplement companies were preaching. With the help of many great influences (Books, teachers, football coaches, soccer coaches, baseball coaches, hockey coaches, speed skating experts, athletic performance specialists track coaches, basketball coaches, professional bodybuilders, professional trainers, plyometrics specialists, and a former strength coach from the Bulgarian National Team) I developed my own unique training and nutrition philosophy for body transformation and peak athletic performance. From age 20 to 21 I rapidly transformed my body, from a skinny wimp to an 8-packed confident dude.

I then began helping my friends transform their bodies. I was the driving force behind a challenge that saw two of my best friends from high school each burn over 80 lbs of fat, build muscle and totally change their lives in just a few short months. From there I continued helping more of my friends to accomplish their goals. I also earned my CSCS, it's the designation held by elite strength and conditioning coaches in the United States and around the world.

In early 2007 I moved to LA. I was distracted by all that Hollywood had to offer and I strayed a little bit from my proven path, I still played sports and enjoyed physical activity, but I wasn't consistently pursuing my full potential. I let myself settle for mediocrity and being in "okay" shape. That changed when a close friend of mine was interested in getting back into shape. I took the opportunity to reassess my life and decided that settling for mediocre fitness was unacceptable, especially when I knew how little time it took to be in peak condition, so that I could look and feel my best. I rounded up a few friends and implemented a transformation challenge just for fun. We did a 6 week (42 days) challenge with everybody doing there own "routine" and trying to get the best results possible. I gave some advice to a few of the competitors, but I was the only that possessed all the proven principles of my training philosophy. In six weeks time (October 12th 2008 - November 23rd 2008) I was back at my best, I was fit, fast, and strong again, and it felt great. It's amazing how different you feel when you train properly and eat right. When you know exactly what to do. You end up investing just 35 minutes a day in yourself and it really pays off. I was having so much fun helping my friends and inspiring transformations that I decided to really develop MySixPackLife. I sat down and wrote an action plan for people to follow that would use my proven philosophy and exact training methods to give people a road map to real transformation success without all the baloney (take these shakes, buy these nutrition bars, pop these pills, etc). That action plan went through a few revisions until it become the current version of the Training and Nutrition Program. The most powerful step by step body transformation website ever created, it works every time and for everybody that chooses to accept the challenge and finish the program.
Later, I took a job coaching football at a small college in California. One day at work I was asked to lift something that was heavy and awkward. I strained and strained and allowed my spine to become curved (improper form) and ended up herniating 2 discs in my back. I could barely move. The lack of exercise was depressing, some nights I would wake up to go to the bathroom and the pain would be so bad that I couldn't stand upright. I would have to walk my hands along the wall to make it to the toilet. I started eating poorly (it turns out that lack of exercise and poor eating go hand in hand), my hormones felt all out of balance and I became a fat slob in a matter of a few months.

By Thanksgiving 2009 I was fed up. I hated being fat, gross and sweaty. I don't understand how people can live like that. My back had recovered to the point where I could resume exercise and I immediately started following the Program EXACTLY as it's written. I put my own words into action and triumphantly rebuilt my body one day at a time for 10 weeks. Each day I would feel better, look better, and improve in every way. My 300 Challenge score skyrocketed by 150 points in just 10 weeks. I went from fat, sluggish and literally obese on Thanksgiving Day to fit, fast and strong by Super Bowl Sunday (February 7th) 10 weeks later. Six months after I started the program I was legitimately in the best shape of my life.

Thanks to the My Six Pack Life programs, today my life is totally balanced. My training still only takes about 35 minutes a day and I'm continually able to improve and enjoy life to the fullest. When you have the exact action plan and simple rules to follow it's easy to live life at (or very near) your full potential.
Now that I've transformed myself three times, from a skinny wimp incapable of doing a single pull-up, from a guy satisfied with mediocre fitness and from obesity as the result of a devastating back injury, my goal is to spread the empowering message of true health and fitness to as many people as possible. I want people to know that we can easily transform our bodies and maximize our potential by following a simple action plan based on my proven philosophy. It doesn't take any skill, talent, special shakes, supplements, or anything "extreme" or "insane" just consistent effort and the right plan.


PS: Michael, I'm going to post this exchange on my blog. Thanks for writing and email me if you ever have any questions. CK.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Friday, February 1, 2013

Brad totally transformed his body in Just 69 days. Now it's your turn.

 I love getting emails like this. It makes me so happy to hear about people all over the world crushing the MySixPackLife Program. Seeing their results is even more inspiring. Check out what Brad did in just 69 days with the M6PL program.


69's days...  Crushed.  Although I am still improving on every aspect, I am super pumped about my results.
Brad looks younger and fees better than ever with MySixPackLife

Here are a few numbers.

100% adherence for the full 70 days.
Day 1- 186.2 lbs.  34 1/2 inch waist.  
Day 69 - 181.6 lbs.  31 1/2 inch waist.
My weight only changed by 4.6 lbs, but I burned so much fat and gained lots of new lean, hard muscle. I'm not sure how much lower my bodyfat%, but trust me, it's a lot. I also lost 3 inches from my waist and I feel better than ever.
Brad A. 

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Everybody is Getting Abs With My Six Pack Life!

Checkout Kurt's 69 day results with the MySixPackLife Program!

Kurt's confidence skyrocketed on the MySixPackLife Program
"The last 10 weeks have been awesome! As you can see from the photos, I made excellent progress!
The MySixPackLife program dedication and perseverance, but it will absolutely work for every body.
I'm living proof of that! It feels great to be outside in the sunshine and have the confidence to take my shirt off and get a tan. I'm enjoying life, having fun and experiencing true health & fitness.
My 300 Challenge score skyrocketed! I'm in the best shape of my life and I am very happy with my results. Chris, THANK YOU again, for such an awesome program! " -Kurt A. Ohio

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Excuse my Dutch, Tobias gets incredibdle results in the Netherlands

I love getting emails like this. Tobias crushed the MySixPackLife program in Denmark and sent me this email.

Tobias not only looks better, he is better! He reduced is heart rate from an out shape, 78bpm to a fit and strong 49bpm in just 69 days with MySixPackLife
I finally finished my training. So here is my little "experience story". Don't look too critical on my English. Speaking English is a lot easier!
I'm 21 years old and was used to be fit. I played football (soccer) for the last 15 years. I always played in the best teams for my age, so I had to train 3 times a week and always played a match on Saturday. About a year ago I stopped, because there wasn't enough time for school, work, and competitive football. 
After I stopped football I started lifting weights. My friends and family noticed some results, but I wasn't satisfied. I simply put too much effort in it for too ittle progress. That was not the only thing, after a few months I started to feel tired and when I had to walk up the stairs I was exhausted. So I wanted to get in shape again, but I had no gameplan. After a while I saw your program on youtube. And decided to give it a shot. To be honest, I had my doubts before I started. So I made a gut decision and my feelings where right. I wasn't in shape anymore, I used to have a resting pulse of 46(in rest) when I was in shape and now it was 78. So I started my ten weeks...
I am finally finished with my ten weeks! First of all I feel much, much better! In the first 2 weeks the cardio part was the hard part for me. I was so frustrated to experience that I was out of shape. The first 2 weeks I couldn't control my breathing anymore after 5 minutes. After that it was going better and better. You are feeling yourself getting fitter and that really is a great feeling. After the ninth week week a friend of my wanted to run 10 miles in the dunes and on the beach. He was exhausted all day and in the ten minutes after he finished he couldn't control his breathing. I was recovered in a few minutes and wasn't tired at all!
I'm very happy with my results. I recommend this program to everyone. It's great to be in shape, because you not only look good. You also feel so much better. My confidence is growing each day! I also started to play football again, not on the level I used to but just a team of friends because I love it! My resting heart rate is now 49 in just 10 weeks! If you follow the program and push yourself to the limit you will get results. Good luck to you all! 
-Tobias W.

Burn 30+ Pounds of Fat and Look Great for Spring Break. That's Exactly what Brett did with MySixPackLife

From a Flabby 250 to a Fit 230 in time for Spring Break
Brett S. from New Hampshire crushed the program and you can too! He burned over 30 pounds of fat in just 69 days with the MySixPackLife program. He's fitter, faster, leaner, stronger, and more muscular than he's ever been.

Congratulations to Brett. He plans to continue following the program and improving every day.

If you're ready to get amazing results like this, you can start right now. Make it happen at

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Jason C is enjoying MySixPackLife Success in Florida

Jason C, Florida USA.
"Before starting the MySixPackLife program I was lifting 5 days a week and never saw the results that I hoped for...

Now I know why I wasn't getting results. I was not training efficiently or effectively and my nutrition was way off balance.

After starting the program I was seeing results within one week and that motivated me to keep going and finish the program.
I now look at the My SixPack Life program as a way of life! "

MySixPackLife Success: Tyler R. student from Toronto, Canada

Tyler R. Student, Toronto, Canada.
"I immediately noticed results! My "freshman 15" rapidly disappeared and other areas of my life also improved. I attended all my classes and started doing better in school. I made sure I had no excuses to slack off. Everybody has time in their day to improve themselves.

Throughout the program I stayed focused and followed MySixPackLife's proven principles to make my transformation successful.

Today, I'm in excellent shape and will continue to follow the program because it works. With M6PL, there aren't any gimmicks, It's the REAL THING! If you want to transform your life and become a fit, fast and strong all-natural athlete, The MySixPackLife Program will surpass your expectations. "

Tyler R.
Toronto, Canada

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Saturday, January 12, 2013

MySixPackLife Success in Portugal

Check out these incredible 69-day results from Portuguese M6PLer, Gonçalo Maria Barros. He sent in his Transformation photos with a simple "Thank You" message. 

You changed my life Chris. Thank you so much, I will never forget what your program did for me.
-Gonçalo Maria Barros
, Portugal
instagram: @krueger247
Twitter @TSuperChallenge

Professional Basketball Player Crushes The MySixPackLife Program

I finished up the program and feel great. I play professional basketball in Europe and the program helped increase my conditioning and productivity on the court. I had my appendix removed in mid-February which slowed me down for 2 weeks but I still had great results! Attached is the before and after photo. Thanks for your help. I noticed improvements with my conditioning especially in the 2nd halves of games and was able to make the 1st division All-Star game. Thanks for your help.

-Nik Ravio,

Professional Basketball Player
instagram: @krueger247
Twitter @TSuperChallenge 

Friday, January 11, 2013