Friday, February 1, 2013

Brad totally transformed his body in Just 69 days. Now it's your turn.

 I love getting emails like this. It makes me so happy to hear about people all over the world crushing the MySixPackLife Program. Seeing their results is even more inspiring. Check out what Brad did in just 69 days with the M6PL program.


69's days...  Crushed.  Although I am still improving on every aspect, I am super pumped about my results.
Brad looks younger and fees better than ever with MySixPackLife

Here are a few numbers.

100% adherence for the full 70 days.
Day 1- 186.2 lbs.  34 1/2 inch waist.  
Day 69 - 181.6 lbs.  31 1/2 inch waist.
My weight only changed by 4.6 lbs, but I burned so much fat and gained lots of new lean, hard muscle. I'm not sure how much lower my bodyfat%, but trust me, it's a lot. I also lost 3 inches from my waist and I feel better than ever.
Brad A. 

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