Monday, March 4, 2013

My Six Pack Life Body Transformation

Dear Chris,

Firstly, I apologize for my bad English. English was absolute not my best at high school.
So when i make mistakes in this email, you know why and i hope that you will understand what i mean.

With a good friend of my, we started begin October your program. He found you on the internet. He was fully enthusiastic about it and i was really skeptical about it. "Another fitness guru will promise me the abs, that I have always want to have." I do for a lot of years strength training, maybe ten tears, but never had any abs. I was bigger, that was nice, but a beautiful athletic body, no that happened only other people.

After four weeks my friend wasn't so enthusiastic any more. He skip more and more our gym appointments. On the other hand, I was each week more enthusiastic about it. I had the feeling that my body was change and the cardio was really killing me. I never did much cardio before. I was motivated by the 300 challenge, to have a higher score.

Chris your program is awesome! I did a lot of fitness schedules before. I had taken a lot of whey products and pre and post workout products. It was a waste of money and time. Nothing can compare with the MySixPackLife Program. Your program is so unique. I think that comes, because you have all the good aspects of finesse in 1 program. Food, exercises, cardio, bonus program etc. The facebook page gave me the feeling that i was a member of the MySixPackLife family.

But the best part is: I HAVE ABS, finally, i have ABS. After 10 weeks i have abs!!

My friend will start again in January, i hope that he will succeed now! It is an awesome feeling when you see abs in the mirror!

Chris, thanks, thanks and thanks again for your fantastic program. I am curious to the next step.

With best regards,

Gijs N.
From The Netherlands

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