Thursday, January 2, 2014

My Six Pack Life 2014 Transformation Challenge

"Chris I saw your transformation video online and I'm intrigued by this 70day workout." -Text message from my friend Chris Newman on the afternoon of December 30th, 2013.

A few hours later I had arranged for Chris Newman and our friends, Pete (Flea), Jordan, and Riley to start a transformation challenge on New Year's Day.

We met at West LA college to take our before photos and perform the My Six Pack Life 300 Challenge of the year.  The 300 challenge is the ultimate fitness test. We each ran 3 miles as fast as we could and performed single sets of max reps for push-ups and pull-ups

20 pull-ups, 50 push-up, 18:00 run = 300 points
It was a pretty fit group; Flea, Jordan, and Newman all play on my adult hockey team and are in relatively good shape (by national standards).

Our scores ranged from 111 for Riley to 265 for myself.

The overall winner of our transformation challenge will be awarded based on effort and improvement judged with 3 categories.
               A. Improvement on the 300 Challenge from the first test to final test.
     B.  Aggregate points, accumulated for all tests.
     C.  Quality of Transformation in Before and After Photos

Riley: 5 pulls, 30 push, 30:14 run on New Year's Day
Riley clearly has the edge in Category "A" he only needs to improve his 300 challenge score to 186 to lock-up the category because Newman, Jordan, Flea, and myself will all max the test 74 points or less.

I expect Riley to improve his score 10-15 points each week and finish with 15+ pull-ups, 50 push-ups, and run of 21:00 minutes or less for a total of 257 or more.  That will improve his fitness grade from an F to a solid B. He will look better, feel better, and actually be better at everything.

Flea: 11 pulls, 50 push, 22:55 run on New Year's Day
Category B is trickier. The best scorers from the New Year's Day 300 challenge have an early advantage, but this category will be decided by tenacity and giving max effort each and every Saturday.

Newman: 20 pulls, 50 push, 24:09 run on New Year's Day
Finally, the before and after photo category is totally up for grabs. In 10 weeks everyone in our challenge has time to burn fat, build muscle, and get incredibly lean. This category will be ultimately be decided by following the M6PL Nutrition-10 and working hard in the weight room. I expect to everyone to have a 6 or 8 pack in the after photos.

Jordan: 14 pulls, 50 push, 22:56 run on New Year's Day
Flea, Newman, Jordan, and I should all score 20+ pull-ups, 50+pushups and finish the run in 19:40 or less for 290+ points on the 300 challenge and "A" Fitness Grades by week 10. 

Two things are neccessary for fitness success. Number 1 is great programming. You can't get fit doing a program that doesn't work. We will all be training with my proven My Six Pack Life training program. Programming: Check.

The second thing is adherence. It doesn't matter how good your program is... if you don't follow it.
By banding together and creating a challenge we are holding each other accountable to our goals. Adherence: Check.

If you want to get into the best shape you can imagine, please join our 10 week challenge now. If you're in the LA area you can meet us at West LA college (check my instagram: /mysixpacklife for details) or go to and you can get started on the program today from anywhere in the world.

Make it Happen.


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